trying for joy

Trying for Joy is a blog, but hopefully also the beginning of a community of individuals that truly care about one another. It's not a place to complain about what is happening in our lives, although we do that sometimes too. It's a place where we can commiserate, and then talk about the funny, happy and joyful parts of our lives, that are happening at the same time. It's a community of individuals fiercely protecting our own well being, even while caring for someone else.

Trying for Joy's main author is Patti. Patti is a Mom of one awesome 3 year old boy, a wife, a sister and a daughter to one great Mom with a terrible disease. Patti is passionate about all things baking, exercise, adoption and foster care (with the amazing Haven Adoptions). Her life has been touched and forever changed by Alzheimer's, Multiple Myeloma and infant loss. Thank you for reading. 


Helpful blog posts for those dealing with Alzheimer's