Today The Best Orange Is For Me


I worked all day today, went to the grocery store, called my Mom, made dinner, did the dishes, put my son to bed and then sat down to watch a very, very classy show that you probably wouldn't understand. It's mostly about world politics and classic literature (The Bachelor).

We decided in my house that we are not going to have snacks after dinner unless it's fruit. So I started to look through the fruit bowl to pick out an orange. I usually pick one that has some mark on it, or maybe the one that REALLY needs to be eaten on that particular day.


But today I kept looking at the fruit bowl. And it was full of awesome oranges.

Not like yesterday. Yesterday there was only one left. So I peeled it and put it in my husband's lunch. I know what you are thinking, "What? You make your husband's lunch? What is this, 1950? Are you a crazy person who thinks her husband can't make his own lunch? Did you just roll out of Ina Garten's kitchen and your husband is Jeffrey?". Nope, it's just this simple. I know that me making him lunch brings him joy, helps him on his fitness goals and shows him that I love him. It's an intentional act of love and care. Maybe if I put a big bag of lime tortilla chips in there he would love me even more (likely) but I also think part of how I love him is to show him that I care that he doesn't eat like a 37 year old college student on a budget. 


But today we weren't rationing oranges. Today, I had the time to myself to pick my own orange. Maybe the joy is not in the actual orange itself today. Maybe the joy for the day is in the wonderful feeling of sitting down to eat a snack, in the quiet of my own living room (because grownups can eat on the couch). It's the joy of picking the best orange and putting it on a plate that looks awesome with it.

And taking the time to sit and eat it and not shove it in on the car ride to something else. My friends and family are often telling me "take care of yourself". Today this was my taking care of myself.  More on The Bachelor soon, don't you worry!

How are you finding little joys today? Can you pick the best orange just for you today?

Patricia Cruz